Mana is the spiritual connection to nature and the powers of the universe.

Meet Our Team

Leadership and Instigators

Patrick Furlotti
President, Founder, & CEO

PATRICK FURLOTTI applies 16 years of combined experience in geography and marine sciences to finding solutions for human and environmental health. With 40,000 miles of ocean navigation experience, Patrick was one of the youngest ever to captain a sailboat from California to Tahiti at age 20, gaining a deep respect for the natural forces that connect all life on this planet. Since then he has launched Silicon Valley startups, an engineering firm that pioneers clean technology, and a nonprofit organization focused on accelerating global sustainability. Patrick is dedicated to connecting people to viable climate solutions: regenerative agriculture, novel waste-to-energy systems, carbon-negative technologies, and digital platforms to monitor and reduce global carbon emissions while driving digital assets toward environmental protection efforts. As an early environmentalist, Patrick swam from Maui to Molokai, Tahiti to Moorea, around Oahu, Lanai, Indonesia and Thailand to raise awareness for plastic pollution crisis. With the Hanalei River Heritage Foundation he captained research vessels with leading marine biologists to study coral reef degradation and monitor ocean health. With the Earth Justice Organization Patrick launched an action case that pushed the Navy to move subsonic weapons testing 100 miles offshore, preventing war games from further harming endangered species. Now with Projects For Good, Patrick promotes planetary thriving by helping communities launch evolved food-water-energy programs for sustainable economic development. He has directed and produced numerous documentaries, including the recent short film, Carbon Negative (2017), showcasing the beauty and devastations of our planet and the urgent need for change.

Oliver Cowley
Co-Founder, Media Director

Born in England, schooled in Australia and now an American citizen, OLIVER COWLEY is a truly global citizen who brings a worldwide perspective to his work for the foundation. Oliver graduated with a Bachelor of Performing Arts from Monash University in 2001 before producing, writing, directing and performing in a string of hit theatre shows in Australia. In 2009, Oliver relocated to Los Angeles where he has worked extensively in the film and TV industry as a writer, director, editor and producer. An active campaigner for the causes of liberty, truth and justice, Oliver has long been an advocate for environmental responsibility and sustainability with an emphasis on innovation and technology. Oliver brings all the skills honed from two decades in the film industry to the documentary programs he produces for Global Mana.


Portrait of Tenati Arakino
Tenaki Arakino
Co-Founder and Cultural Advisor

TENAKI ARAKINO, or Tan Tan, was the inspiration for Global Mana. Tenaki was born in 1952 on Reao, in the Tuamotu Islands, French Polynesia. He was moved to the military base on Hao, a nearby island, during the time French nuclear testing was taking place on the nearby atoll of Mururoa. This was also the birthplace of environmental activism, when New Zealand sailboats sailed to Mururoa in the Tuamotu Islands to protest nuclear testing. This was the birthplace of Greenpeace. Tan Tan experienced firsthand nuclear fallout and its devastating effects on the environment and his people. They spent nights in shelters, on their knees for the human race. Tan Tan eventually moved to Paris and learned how to play classical piano in a symphony orchestra. After returning to Tahiti, he became a boxer, a boxing coach, canoe paddling coach, swimming coach, surfing coach, and environment activist. The dynamic range of his experiences, and his continued activism despite difficulties, teaches the importance of striving for a fuller life.

Portrait of Tane K. Haili Kekuhaupi'o VII
Tane KuAli'iokalani Haili Kekuhaupi'o VII
Director of the Breadfruit Economy

TANE KUALI’IOKALANI HAILI KEKUHAUPI’O VII leads the Breadfruit Economy Initiative promoting a positive outlook on those around around him. While in the United States Navy Special Operations, he was awarded three Honorable Discharges from the Department of the Navy after 8 years of Active duty and 6 years Naval Reserve duty. Tane’s charity contributions throughout Polynesia and support in assisting Polynesian Islanders to better education and literacy has been recognized with the Eagle Club Award.


Raymond Chavez
Senior Director Project Development & Partnerships

Raymond Chavez has more than 25 years of experience and a proven record of success with integrated climate change, biodiversity, ocean conservation and sustainable development programs. This work includes project design, strategic planning, public-private partnerships, fundraising, marketing and award winning multimedia and documentary film projects with the BBC, Discovery Channel, National Geographic and PBS.

Raymond’s public, NGO and private sector experience spans the full spectrum of sustainable development including: agriculture, biodiversity, climate change, ocean conservation, forestry, environmental education, geographic information systems (GIS), renewable energy and water security. Raymond has worked on these public–private programs in the U.S., Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Latin America, the Middle East and the Pacific – enabling the transfer of skills and lessons learn among partners and donor networks across borders and cultures at the local community, national, regional and global levels.

Advisors and Wisdom

Graciela Chichilnisky
Carbon Advisor

GRACIELA CHICHILNISKY is a world-renowned economist and mathematician, the creator of the Carbon Market of the UN Kyoto Protocol, the concept of Basic Needs, and the formal theory of Sustainable Development. She was the lead US author of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which received the Nobel Prize in 2007. Her pioneering work uses innovative market mechanisms to create Green Capitalism. Chichilnisky is Professor of Statistics and Economics at Columbia University and currently a visiting professor at Stanford University. She acts as a special adviser to the UN, the IMF and the World Bank, is a TED speaker and frequently appears on CNN, ABC and BBC. Chichilnisky is the Co-Founder and CEO of Global Thermostat, an award-winning company that FORBES and KPMG say can reverse climate change. The “Carbon-Negative Technology”™ she co-invented with Global Thermostat captures CO2 from the air at low cost, transforming it into profitable assets, such as biofuels, beverages, polymers and carbon-negative power plants.

Ron Swenson
Sustainable Energy Advisor

For decades RON SWENSON has worked to expedite the transition to a world beyond oil. Ron develops and markets technologies, methodologies and products that advance sustainability. He’s worked to promote renewable energy and conservation of natural resources. As a nurture capitalist, he guides start-up teams around the world to push the envelope in renewable energy development. He has raced solar cars with university students in Mexico; instigated a sailing renaissance using acre kites to pull cargo ships (and won the Guinness world record); and created a 100% solar-powered transportation network. Ron is Director of the International Institute of Sustainable Transportation, CEO of Swenson Solar and the Director of Encitra, a 4D modeling company of energy, cities and transportation networks. As the Director of the San Jose State University program Solar Skyways (or Spartan Skyways as students have renamed it), he has guided the creation of an automated solar-powered Personal Rapid Transport system of the future. Ron also directs numerous other award-winning programs that build a global transition to renewable energy.

Robin Mazor
Nonprofit Governance Advisor

ROBIN MAZOR is an accomplished executive director and educator with a proven ability to develop and implement organizational strategies that support human development, business growth and team building. Robin has been recognized for her effective leadership and creative approaches to the challenges of creating successful, sustained operations in start-ups and nonprofit organizations. Trained in organizational management, best practices, and executive leadership, she helps take Global Mana from an idea to a stable agency that serves a global community.

Michael Miller
Filmmaker & Media Advisor

Filmmaker MICHAEL MILLER’s commitment to documenting global pollution problems has taken him on a six year journey around the world. A master of the impossible shot, Michael takes us on astonishing adventures—from the terra firma of America’s heartland to ancient temples of South America, through hair-raising experiences of life on the open seas, sailing from the coast of Thailand to the shores of Tahiti and Hawaii. He’s recorded the unseen, the ignored, the ignorant, the wise, the environmental heroes and the saboteurs. His film Come With Me Now is a testimony to his perseverance, guts and vision as a storyteller. His lead camera work on the documentary film Peggy With Love, which won a National Aurora Film Award, reveals narrative impact at its most intimate. Michael studied Marine Biology and earned his degree in Visual Communications from Hawaii Pacific University, but he has been developing his unique visual syntax since he was five years-old, capturing the world from the backseat of his parents’ car by making camera frames with his thumbs and forefingers. He joins Global Mana’s Advisory Board to continue his lifelong goal: tell the novel and forgotten stories that reveal complex intersections of human cultures, the man-made and natural worlds. In the process, Michael helps Global Mana.

Walter R. Flores III
Sea Captain / Nautical Advisor

WALTER R. FLORES III was born in Oakland, California in 1951. While obtaining his degree in Biology from the University of California, Berkeley and the University of Hawai’i, Manoa, Walter became a journeyman tool and die maker. He later captained a 100-ton power and sail boat for the United States Coast Guard. Walter then founded Lipter Manufacturing, a tap and die machine shop that specialized in stainless and steel metal fabrication. His combined marine and builder experience led naturally to his creating a second company, Flores Marine Engineering. For the past sixteen years, Walter has honed his craft as a shipwright, crew and canoe builder for the Polynesian Voyaging Society. From 2011–2015, Walter captained the sailing vessel Morning Star for the Global Mana Foundation, on the quest to document the incredible unseen wonders of our planet and to find solutions to the damages we have caused as a species. Walter is also a decorated veteran, with a Purple Heart. In 2012, Walter was Watch Captain for the Pacific Voyagers’ grand Te Mana Te Moana Voyage—the epic two-year odyssey across the Pacific in traditional-style voyaging canoe (vaka moana) that a group of over 100 Pan-Pacific Islanders embarked on to spread the profound message of ocean stewardship, and setting in motion a revival of ancient traditions and connections between cultures. Walter brings his deep knowledge of our oceans, and the fragility and ferocity of both marine and human ecosystems.

Bruce Irons
Oceans Advisor

Most fear Mother Nature’s fury, but BRUCE IRONS, has embraced the challenge of her raging waves for most of his life. Born in Kauai, Bruce was 7 when he first surfed Hawaii’s mighty swells, and at the age of 21, he won the prestigious Billabong Pipe Masters competition on Oahu’s North Shore. In 2004, Bruce earned a position on surfing’s elite World Championship Tour and finished first at Hawaii’s famed big wave surfing tournament, the Quiksilver in Memory of Eddie Aikau. He was victorious at the 2008 Rip Curl Pro Search in Uluwatu, Indonesia. Three decades of surfing have taught Bruce countless lessons about the power, beauty and fragility of our planet’s oceans. Bruce’s unique knowledge of navigating unpredictable waters and the love, courage and consideration it takes to embrace intimate encounters with this divine force makes him an invaluable member of Global Mana’s advisory board.

Robert Masters
Financial Technologies Advisor

An accomplishment innovator and entrepreneur, ROBERT MASTERS contributes his strong management, communication and technological literacy to help Global Mana build smarter systems. Robert holds Diplomas in Business Management, Leadership and Work Health & Safety; he then expanded his studies to chart the frontiers of Big Data, Economics and Ocean Governance. Robert is the Founder and Managing Director of Blue Chip Vision – Innovative Technologies. He is also a founding member of the Australian Digital Currency Commerce Association (ADCCA), the country’s leading council and representation of and for digital currency businesses, which was backed by high-profile visionaries and impact investors. An established leader in developing tools for fin-tech and driving global digital economies, Robert founded Australia’s first company to roll out a digital currency ATM Network with biometric and facial recognition verification systems.

Tereva David
Ambassador & Breadfruit Advocate

TEREVA DAVID is one of French Polynesia’s most famous professional surfer, sports educator and spokesperson. Connecting adventure and advocacy through his passionate relationship with the ocean, this Tahitian native has traveled the globe in search of the perfect wave and ways to live more in tune with nature. Growing up on an island taught Tereva how crucial the essential elements of food, water and energy are to human survival and thriving within a connected ecosystem. Throughout his journeys around the world Tereva remains rooted to his home with Tahitian mana: he helps promote the pivotal role of breadfruit in global food security, as well as environmental education to protect cultural heritage and the health of our planet. He currently lives in France.

Field Experts

Annelise Barron
Bio Scientist and Environmental Engineer

Dr. ANNELISE BARRON is Professor of Bioengineering at Stanford with an extensive background in biochemical engineering, bioorganic chemistry and molecular/cellular biology. Annelise develops and directs Global Mana research that study, design, synthesize and purify novel biomaterials for restorative biomedical and environmental applications. She uncovers dynamic biophysical relationships to find human and environmental solutions. Annelise directed the predoctoral training program in biotechnology at Northwestern University and currently supervises predoctoral and postdoctoral researchers in molecular-cell biology and bioengineering at Stanford University to advance this cause. She is a NIH-recognized and award-winning scientist, teacher and scholar with a passion for applying cutting-edge science technology to restore environmental balance.

Carin Winter
Venture Philanthropy

CARIN WINTER is the founder of Mission Be, Mindful Education and has successfully brought mindfulness into 32 schools from Big Sur, California to Harlem, New York- scaling their impact to over 30,000 students in the first two years. She has been studying the work of mindfulness for over 20 years and is a talented meditation teacher, gifted speaker and visionary.

Carin holds a LMSW with a clinical background and 15 years of experience working with youth in schools, foster care and the juvenile justice system. Carin was also a clinical therapist for many years and founded Healing Arts of the South Shore where she maintained a private counseling and healing practice for over a decade. She was also the school social worker specializing in substance abuse at Islip Public Schools for ten years.

Carin founded Embrace Yoga Center in New York in 2007 and lead the company for seven years where she successfully directed a team to teach yoga, meditation, dance, yoga camp, children’s yoga & movement, pre-postnatal yoga, mommy and me classes and mindfulness.

Carin ​is an advisory board member to​ the Jesse Lewis Choose Love ​Movement in Sandy Hook, an advisor board member to GIFT, a founding volunteer of Ty’s Reef, a contributor to Thrive Global and the Huffington Post. In her free time Carin can be found meditating, watering her garden, riding her bike, hiking the mountains or practicing yoga.

Thomas Kohler
International Programs Advisor

THOMAS KOHLER helps Global Mana design effective business plans and campaigns with impact. Thomas connects people and ideas in Silicon Valley and around the world, so it was natural for him to extend his talents to building networks for social change. Thomas amplifies causes by extending their reach in innovative ways. He has coordinated nutritional awareness programs in South America, worked as a field reporter with plastic surgeons repairing cleft lips and cleft palates, organized successful giving campaigns, and sparked a global arts initiative. Recently, he designed a novel communications strategy for Liter of Light, helping the nonprofit organization gain more international exposure, engage a wider audience and roll out a global solar light program. Thomas helps Global Mana build successful partnerships with his proven ability to envision, design, integrate and execute projects with global perspective.

Dan Plankenhorn
Environmental Science Investigator

DAN PLANKENHORN investigates and evaluates new and emerging environmental technologies. He leads research projects to uncover advanced processes that are kinder and less toxic to people and the environment. Dan finds eco solutions to counter the runaway consumer culture. While at the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) he managed projects that addressed a wide range of remediation treatments for medical, industrial and municipal wastewater. With SC Johnson & Son he collaborated with formulation chemists and microbiologists to make use of light, heat, and ultrasound technologies to drive chemical reactions and reduce by-products. Dan has worked on a number of leading-edge projects in aquaculture, agriculture, geothermal, wind and solar power generation. He received his BS in Applied Physics from Indiana University, Bloomington, and a Masters in Product Design and Development at San Jose State University. Dan works to mitigate the heartache of our injured planet.

Creative and Communications

John Stember
Senior Creative Director

John Stember is among the world`s most visionary photographers whose work is featured in Vogue, Bazaar, Glamour, Vanity Fair and Life, among others. His acclaimed documentary films include ‘Voices’ featuring Jean Luc Godard and the Rolling Stones and his highly original ‘7254’ film was shown at the MoMa in NY, Bergamo Film Festival and Cinemateque in Paris.

In 2001 he sailed his boat 7,000 miles from New York to Tahiti, where he witnessed the devastating impacts of ocean pollution and climate change among the small island nations of the Pacific. At Global Mana, John’s work focuses on ‘telling the stories’ of island peoples and cultures and the threats they face from climate change. This includes his work with the United Nations SIDS DOCK organization to produce the ‘Blue Guardians’ film series and social media action campaign to support climate resilience of island nations around the world.

He is also producing the Global Mana documentary film ‘Carbon Negative’ with Emmy Award-winning cinematographer Paul Atkins on the revolutionary work of Dr. Graciela Chichilnisky and her breakthrough technology, ‘Global Thermostat’ which removes carbon dioxide directly from the atmosphere to combat global warming.


Hinatea Boosie

HINATEA was born in Tahiti, where she spent most of her life until she moved to France for seven years to obtain her degree in psychology. In 2008, she was crowned Miss Tahiti and travelled around the world as a fashion arts model and spokesperson. She created her own designer line of fashion apparel. Then a terrible accident in Bali forced Hinatea to reevaluate everything. It was during this pivotal time that she experienced what she considered the most painful and beautiful moment of her life. Awakened to the world around her and its fragility, she could no longer sit idly by and ignore what was truly important. Hinatea made it her personal mission to spread the wisdom of Polynesian culture, its deep connection to nature, and to protect and care for Mother Earth. As an environmental advocate and cultural ambassador, Hinatea works to engage people, especially youth, through education and awareness programs. Her goal is to awaken people’s consciousness all around the world so that they can harness and share their mana to act on behalf of our future and our planet.

Scott Cooper
Documentary Filmmaker, Photographer, Advisor

SCOTT COOPER shows us potential when there seems to be limitations. Scott helps Global Mana tell the story of human potential. What began as father-son high school project sprawled into a mixed-media digital history archive with 1,300 hours of conversation, interviews in more than two hundred cities from Boston to San Francisco, and the most comprehensive collection of video, photos and documents of life with impairment in America. The It’s Our Story (IOS) repository and its contents are testaments to America’s most fundamental values of freedom, autonomy, and independence. It’s Our Story documents and promotes the important but too-often unheard voices of people with disabilities—“because people with disabilities have the power to teach humanity how to be more human.” At the root of the IOS enterprise is a desire to bring others to a similar awareness of their own potential. Scott firmly believes the power, passion and pride shared among many members of this community provide incredible insights into the broader spectrum of humanity and greatly contribute to the evolution of a society. The interviews disclose the greatness of the human spirit, uncover the tyranny of isolation and provide solutions for a better tomorrow.

Sean Pete
Art Direction, Creative Jack

SEAN PETE pulls rabbits out of many hats. As an artist and designer he shapes Global Mana’s visual encounters. Sean also ensures that your online and offline experiences with Global Mana are seamless and inspiring. He communicates Global Mana’s brand and identity through his creative vision. When he’s not documenting urban microcosms through his unique lens, this creative generalist is busy plotting his next great wilderness backpacking adventure.


Sandra Greenwood
Host, Media Producer

SANDRA GREENWOOD is an award-winning Indigenous artist, educator and producer descended from the Dunghutti, Gumbayngrrir and Bundjalung tribes of the east coast of Australia. Sandy holds an honors degree in Creative Industries and she has diversely performed with Australia’s leading theatre companies as an actor, worked as a broadcaster for NITV (National Indigenous Television), facilitated educational plays in prisons and juvenile detention centers, and starred in a Hollywood movie with Robert De Niro. Sandy is a lifelong activist for Indigenous rights. She was one of eighty Aboriginal women invited to Parliament House to discuss Indigenous affairs with representatives and sitting senators. She took part in the reenactment of the 1965 Freedom Rides, bringing the plight of Indigenous people and the extent of segregation in Australian society to national attention. Sandy performed excerpts of her one woman show as part of the inaugural National Sorry Day celebrations at Parliament in Canberra. She believes that embracing Indigenous wisdom and modern science will lead to a more harmonious relationship with nature and heal the environment.


Portrait of Matt Brown
Matt Brown

mbryo (MATT BROWN) is a composer, vocalist and programmer/performer trained at La Trobe University’s infamously experimental music school in Melbourne. Having developed a focus on texture and aesthetic, he incorporates numerous styles including art and orchestral music, metal, blues and electro. Computers have allowed mbryo to explore virtual audio/visual improvisation through aleatoric processes and responses to artist input. He indulges in this with his band XIBE8, and with installations for immersive theatre. He teaches high school music and mathematics, but often finds himself straying from the curriculum to talk philosophy and politics, or ditching class all together to arrange guest speakers concerned with Australian and global human rights.

Martin Gregory
Lead App Developer

MARTIN GREGORY engineers software and designs applications to help Global Mana engage our specialized and diverse audience with unique content. Martin develops Global Mana’s apps for iPhone and Apple TV and recently he launched our new AppleTV channel featuring videos and films that share exciting environmental solutions. Martin has a background in the sciences as well as a degree in art, which he has applied to his 30 years of programming and software development experience to create educational software and high-end digital imaging systems. His app portfolio includes location, music, art and social platforms for both desktop and mobile devices. Martin has been a member of several prize-winning hackathon teams. He combines his technical depth with a musician’s sense of rhythm and elegance to produce experiential apps that connect the community to knowledge, wisdom and solutions. Martin also performs original landscape-inspired keyboard compositions at live events, publishes albums and produces soundtracks for films.

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